Checking in: 3 Goals

Tell us your top three personal goals for yourself in this class. Why are these your goals?

I would say my top three goals for this class are:

  1. Strengthen my communications skills
  2. Have the client be happy with the finished project
  3. Convey the competence of UMW and DGST students

Strengthen My Communications Skills

The more experienced I get with life, not just careers, the more I realize effective communication is a skill (and not everyone will attain it). We’re in an informational era, and we need to convey information in an efficient and personable way to those around us. If I can do this, I will be more valuable in my industry and in the relationships I maintain every day.

Digital Design Workshop provides a great environment to practice communicating and encourages students to reflect on how they’re presenting, framing, and speaking information to their clients or teammates. I’m particularly interested in strengthening my requirements gathering skills and team management skills.

Have the Client Be Happy With the Finished Project

If the client is excited and happy with the website we’ve built for them, that means the team and I have done our jobs well. At the end of the day, taking on this project has the ultimate goals of helping our client. If we don’t do this, we’ve failed, even if we gained a lot of skills along the way.

Convey the Competence of UMW and DGST Students

UMW = University of Mary Washington

DGST = Digital Studies

It’s tough being a graduating student. I’ve learned quite a bit, but I understand that I basically know nothing of my field compared to senior developer. That doesn’t mean I can’t get stuff done, however. The same goes for the rest of my peers. Critical thinking, communication, and researching are dangerous skills we’ve all accumulated as students here at UMW among our DGST courses, and we can apply them to show our professional side. Maybe the community will open up more opportunities for students because of this class – that’s a win-win.

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