Last Checkin

All in all, things went pretty well. We weren’t able to meet RCS’s goal and turn out a new website, but I feel we got them leaps and bounds closer and that we did as much as we could with the time and feedback given to us. In terms of my personal goals, I achieved what I wanted. By being the point of contact, I was able to build my client communications skills when corresponding with RCS. It’s quite a challenge to get information from a party or team you aren’t familiar with. I think the best way to do it is to plan out your questions and ask clarifying questions specifically about both party’s expectations at the beginning of a project.

I can see why people have full-time jobs to implement projects like these. It takes a lot of time, and as a full-time student, I’m surprised we got what we got done. In the business world, when people are working on the same schedule, I feel like the productivity can be much greater than what we achieved. Regardless, I am happy with our deliverable and this experience as a whole.

Thanks to Martha for setting up this course, thanks to RCS for allowing us to work on their project and practice our skills, and thanks to my group mates for sticking through the project and helping wherever they could.

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