No Contact

Yeah, the above sounds like a horror movie title. It kind of is. When your client drops off the face of the planet, it doesn’t have to be that horrific though.

These past two weeks, our primary point of contact hasn’t emailed us back, even though we’ve sent several follow-up emails. We kind of put a pause on our project because we hit a roadblock. In hindsight, I think we stopped because we were swamped with so many other projects that we almost welcomed the roadblock, and we made it bigger than it really was. At least that’s how I interpret my thoughts about the situation. Luckily, I voiced my concerns, and Martha pointed out the obvious: that the roadblock wasn’t show-stopping (thanks Martha). We could still continue to draft the new website, just some components would be missing.

It seems simple enough, but here’s a reminder that when you meet an obstacle, stop and take the time to work around it until it can be removed. Don’t just stop completely – you and your client will thank you for it!

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