Sing for an Audience

Over this past week, the team and I had our client intake meeting with the Rappahannock Choral Society. We got a good feel for the scope of the projects they want us to work on. The main project is a rework of their current WordPress site. I am excited to get the project planned out so that we can begin working, but it will prove challenging if our points of contact don’t settle on some solid objectives for the site. The other projects involve a producing a video for the front page of the site and providing social media consulting. There isn’t much to report – I’m just trying to imagine how to create milestones and track our progress when we make our digital project plan. We will need to hold several design meetings, and I’m not sure if these should be factored into the plan or not.

I am concerned about the RCS’s understanding of their own audience and goals. It will be hard to make deliberate design choices if we don’t have a solid grasp of the kind of people RCS is trying to cater to.

Quick Creation

This image shows how I feel about the project so far. It’s important to consider your goal and audience when making choices. To hold an audience, in some respects, means to hold captivity over a group of people. The RCS is a group of performers – they should be considering their audience constantly. I hope they work out their vision of audience and objectives for the new website soon.

A lone microphone stands. The text  "sing for an audience" overlays the image.

Creating this image was simple. I found the base image on Pixabay, and then edited the image on Pixlr to have an opaque brown overlay to make the white text pop.

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